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Hindustan Traders specialises in the trading of state of the art, high capacity water pumps suitable for both domestic and industrial purpose. With leaders in trading of Suguna water pumps and other reputable pump brands we possess a storehouse of pumps that are used for flood controlling, irrigation and drainage, water management and more.

With mixed flow pumps offering a wide range of hydraulic coverage- the pumps we trade are known for performing efficiently, are durable and last long. Additionally we also cater to the demands of industries and residences by providing customised pumps, floating pumps, axial flow pumps, propeller pumps, compressors and more that are ideal for municipal or industrial applications.

At Hindustan Traders we are committed towards continually providing and trading qualitative pumps that have proven to perform tirelessly, boast of longevity and reliability. While we deal with wide variety of pumps, we ensure our products meet the present day market demands of different industries. Besides trading we also assist our clients with engineering services, factory pump performance testing, field services and training and more.

We strive to meet the increasing demands of the industry and look forward to serving your needs by providing appropriate solutions and ideal products as a solution.

Hindustan Traders is committed to providing qualitative products and appropriate solutions to its new and old patrons. The family run business holds over fifty years of experience in the trading of vast variety of pumps, especially Suguna pumps. With a long list of sub dealers and clients to our account, our success and stability is owed solely to our patrons and the product knowledge of our experienced team members.

With years of engineering knowledge and technical experience about the pumps and the system designs, we possess an upper hand in understanding our customer and client’s requirements. We humbly take pride in stating that we understand the needs of our customers and are able to recommend appropriate solution based on their needs.

Additionally, we also ensure that at Hindustan Traders all products that we trade or sell are efficient, reliable, durable and of high quality. Furthermore, we believe in taking our customers feedbacks seriously and continually strive to implement changes to avoid repeat concerns or any situation in future.

Director Profile

Under the leadership of Mr. Vijay Kumar and his brothers. Hindustan Traders has earned its recognition as a trader of pumps and other products with high repute. Hindustan Traders is recognised as a reputable business that trades and deals with qualitative and reliable products.

With over fifty years of experience in the industry, the brothers understand the business acumen and have together established a strong clientele who are also loyal patrons of Hindustan Traders. With high parameters set to ensure that the products meet client’s requirement and meet entire quality control specifications – Hindustan Traders under the leadership of the brothers has been able to the industry demands and client specifications.


We are committed to providing exceptional quality products and services ensuring complete customer satisfaction and an effective quality management system.


Our vision is to continue the family legacy of trading qualitative products, maintain a strong clientele and meet the increasing industry demand.